Criteria & Application

Memorial Scholarships may be used for both Academy and non-Academy sponsored economic development training programs. Information on non-Academy sponsored programs must be submitted and evaluated as part of the scholarship application process.

Awarding of scholarships shall be based upon the submittal of an application and its review by a scholarship review committee. The scholarship review committee will consist of the members of the Academy Board of Regents.

Application Process:

An open application process would occur twice annually and remain open for a period of 30 days. Scholarship maximum amount is $500 per applicant, or could be less based upon the training costs associated with the application.

Fill out the Memorial Scholarship application and submit it to Helen Schaubmayer. Scholarships will be available until the funding is depleted so apply soon.

Evaluation Criteria (total maximum points = 100):

  • Economic Need of Organization – 20 points (City/EDC with $50,000 or less operating budget for economic development)
  • Volunteer contribution to CALED – 10 points
  • Community size – 20 points (City or EDC serving a population of 30,000 or less)
  • Background of applicant and need for training – 24 points based upon three sub-criteria:
    • “Inverse experience factor”- 8 points possible. The less experience in the profession, the higher the point total (ex: 0-1 yrs =8 points; 4 yrs or more = 0 points)
    • Training continuation – 8 points possible (Is applicant asking for funds to continue toward a degree or recognized professional certification?)
    • Applicant Diversity – 8 points possible
  • Personal statement evaluation ~ commitment to the profession – 20 points
  • Years of membership in CALED – 6 points

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