ACE Advisory Committee

The ACE Advisory Committee is created by The Academy Regents to serve as a review and advisory body for the Accredited California Economic Developer (ACE) program and its related trainings: Advanced Institute for Economic Development (Advanced Institute) and Introduction to Economic Development Certificate Program (also known as “Keys Course”). Committee members will serve as the brain trust of the program’s structure and history as well as provide recommendations for the next phase of the program. With their applied background in the field, they will also provide a valuable perspective on training curriculum and content that is current and relevant to the profession.

The ACE Advisory Committee members are listed below:

  • Bruce Kern, CALED Board Advisor (Retired, East Bay Economic Dev Alliance)
  • Dwayne Dalman, ACE & CALED Board Member (City of Fairfield)
  • Andrew Haussler, ACE, CALED Board Member, & ACE Mentor (City of Clovis)
  • Margaret Silveira, Academy Regent (Retired, City of Lakeport)
  • Tamra Spade, ACE & Nonprofit leader (formerly Tracy Chamber of Commerce, now Simply Divine Foundation)

We appreciate their time and guidance on this important program!

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