Local Elected Officials Training

Want Your Local Elected Officials to Understand and Support Your ED Efforts? Sponsor an Economic Development Leadership Forum

Agenda includes:

* What economic development is and why it is important to a community
* Economic development strategies
* ED resources and tools
* Common traits of successful programs
* Measuring and selling success
* Trends and issues

It's been proven time again that elected officials who understand what economic development is and how it can improve their community's bottom line, as well as quality of life, will in turn provide the resources necessary to make it happen.

CALED, the statewide professional economic development association that has provided leadership for economic development professionals for 25 years, can work with you to design a half-day training session targeted specifically for local elected officials on the issues affecting your city or county.

Let us help you demonstrate the value of economic development to your community leaders.

CALED's Local Elected Official's Training can:

* Answer your community leaders' key questions about what you do and why it's important.
* Give you a way to promote economic development to local policymakers.
* Teach your community leaders about the principles of economic development.
* Build consensus on economic development strategies.
* Engage local policymakers in discussions on critical issues in the context of today's economy, including your strategic plan and economic development efforts.
* Demonstrate your value to your community.

This forum will facilitate interaction and identify strategies to retain, expand, and attract business; strengthen the local and regional economy; and link these job opportunities to Workforce Investment and Welfare-to-Work programs.

Contact CALED for more information at 916-448-8252.

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