Business Retention Tool

Increase Your Cash Flow by Decreasing Tax Liabilities Through Cost Segregation
CALED has a new tool to assist in job and business retention by providing local companies with an engineering-based, cost segregation study that allows them to dramatically increase their operational cash flow by accelerating their asset depreciation on Federal taxes. This program will provide a no-cost analysis of the potential cash benefits available. Fees for the actual study are contingent on the benefit received. There is no risk involved for the company, and no cost to the economic development organization.

"The addition of these cost segregation services allows our members to help existing companies in their communities strengthen their bottom line as California recovers from the current downturn. CALED's economic development programs are not just about attracting new business, they're also focused on assisting our current business partners to thrive and grow in California." -Wayne Schell, President & CEO, CALED

Business Types

Potential Benefits

Process and Pricing

About our Partner

Business Types:

Auto Dealerships
Agricultural Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities
Day Care Facilities
Dental Offices
Drug Stores
Fitness/Health Spas
Hotels-Full Service
Medical Research Centers
Industrial- Manufacturing
Mixed Use
Mobile Home Parks
Multifamily- Hi Rise
Office- Buildings
Office- Parks
Office- R&D
Office- Warehouse
Pharmaceutical Plants
Printing Facilities
R&D Facilities
Retail- Big Box
Retail Malls- Regional
Retail- Strip
Restaurant- Franchise
Restaurants- High End
Restaurants- Quick Service
Self Storage Facilities
Service Stations
Veterinary Clinic

Potential Benefits:

  • Source of "capital" for a business (via tax refunds) to reduce expenses and/or debt (essentially an "interest free"loan)
  • Reduce estimated tax payments (in lieu of tax refunds)
  • Absolve prior accounting (depreciation) errors resulting from the "Change in Accounting Method"
  • Increase "after tax" cash flow for a business or real estate investor
  • Establish a new policy to reduce tax liabilities for future real estate acquisitions, expansions, renovations or development
  • Enhance relationships with a constituent business by offering a service that addresses their financial needs
  • Create a tool for economic development groups by promoting Cost Segregation to attract or retain businesses within a regional area (without tapping into municipal funds)

Read about the benefits of Cost Segregation from the East Bay Business Times and the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Process and Pricing:

  • Client completes a one page property information form 
  • Client receives the Estimate of Benefits and Proposal
  • Fees are contingent and based on the Estimate of Benefits
    ("Cost/Benefit" is generally 10-to-15% of NPV savings)
  • Retainer fee = 1/3 fee
  • Engineering study = 1/3 Fee
  • Final fee = 1/3 Fee

Client also receives:

  • (1) up to 40 hours free "Audit Defense"
  • (2) direct compensation for any assessed penalties resulting from errors in the Cost Segregation Study

About our Partner:

The RSH Group, Irvine, California.

  • They provide financial and tax services to increase cash flow and reduce tax liabilities.
  • RSH represents clients in commercial real estate, aerospace, manufacturing, biotech, electronics, automotive, logistics, retail, hotel and entertainment.
  • They are exclusively endorsed by National and International Trade Organizations representing over 125,000 companies.
  • International scope-affiliated offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.
  • RSH members have previously held "Senior Level" positions including the:
    National Practice Leader for KPMG and Arthur Anderson,
    Corporate GM of Sales & Marketing for Ford, Kia and Daewoo Motors,
    Cost Segregation Trainer for Marshall & Stevens (now owned by CBRE).

Click here for a walk through presentation on cost segregation and how it can work for you on job retention.

Click here for a CALED cost segregation flyer that you can share with your businesses.

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