Economic Impact Calculator

Understanding economic impact quickly and inexpensively can make your job much easier. Whether you work for an economic development agency, a governmental agency or a public utility, it is critical to have the answer:

  • What is the projected impact on my community for this project?
  • What incentives can be offered that are revenue-positive for our region?
  • How can I decide between two similar projects that are both competing for funding?
  • What are the real county-specific impacts of deciding to use an out-of-state vendor for this work?

Clients Include*:

  • The Imperial Valley EDC in El Centro, California
  • The Gallatin Develpment Corportation in Bozeman, Montana
  • The California Enterprise Development Authority in Sacramento, California
  • California Fire and Rescue Training Authoirty

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Click here to read California Fire and Rescue Training Authority’s Testimony on the Impact Calculator

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